FIA PROTOCOL The World’s Metaverse blockchain

We are building a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure capable of working on any device and connecting everything via the internet. By implementing the basic concept of zero knowledge proof, Fia Protocol has been creating the best Metaverse blockchain ever.

Token Sale Ended
Open Trade on January 5th - 6:00 UTC
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About FIA Protocol

The Most Succint and efficient
Metaverse Blockchain

FIA is a Metaverse protocol with a succinct blockchain. Current cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum store hundreds of gigabytes of data, and as time goes on, their blockchains will only increase in size. With Fia however, no matter how much the usage grows, the blockchain always stays the same size - about 22kb (the size of an image). This means participants can quickly sync and verify the network.

The technology

Innovations lie within

Metaverse blockchain

This breakthrough is made possible due to zk-SNARKs technology - which stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge.”

Most efficient network

FIA has constant resource requirements: regardless of how many transactions the network has processed, users can fully verify the current state with just a small zk-SNARK.

NFT Gamification

FIA is a new Metaverse blockchain for decentralized applications, designed to enable a new generation of NFT gamification dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible.

The next big thing

Many people still don't understand the technology & innovation behind blockchain. We believe an improvement is necessary for this technology to reach more people around the world.

Numbers don’t lie

The lightest and most efficient Metaverse blockchain in the space


All it takes to store an entire FIA Blockchain.

Our way

Road Map


• Initial Project Idea
• Core team formed
• Research of new blockchain technology

Q2 2021

• Finalizing preparation and initiate the project
• Launch website and social media channel
• Release whitepaper
• Technology update

Q3 2021

• Project announcement to international media
• Airdrop Program
• Announce and initiate Token Sale
• Working on new Metaverse blockchain (Testnet)

Q4 2021

• FIA token Sale
• Apply for CoinmarketCap and Coingecko
• Listed on CoinmarketCap and Coingecko
• Getting the contract audited

Q1 2022

• Listing on crypto exchanges
• Launching Fia Metaverse Protocol Testnet
• Start Development of the ecosystem
• New exchanges listing

Q2 2022

• Announcing Partnership
• Wide-scale Marketing
• Partner With Social Media Influencers
• Start Development of NFT Gamification

Q3 2022

• Listed on Major exchanges
• Start Development of NFT Market
• Work with Influencers to create media impact
• Launching Mainnet

Q4 2022

• Deploy smart contract
• Has partnership projects built on FIA blockchain
• Launch of NFT Gamification project built on FIA
• Launch of NFT Market project built on FIA


• Completely formed the Ecosystem products
• Reach top 30 CoinmarketCap
• Reach top 10 blockchain in total value locked

FIA Protocol

Token Distribution

FIA Protocol native coin will be FIA. FIA will play many crucial roles in the network of the protocol.

FIA will be release through 3 rounds of Private sale, Pre-sale and public sale to raise funds for further development. The token distribution is described in the following image.

  • 40% Distribute to Community
  • 35% Development team [3 years lockup]
  • 14% Future token burn [6 months lockup]
  • 10% Exchange liquidity & Marketing [6 months lockup]
  • 1% Airdrop & bounty campaign
  • Name: FIA Protocol Token
  • Symbol: FIA
  • Type: BEP-20
  • Platform: Binance Smart Chain
  • Smartcontract 0x....b00f6
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 FIA
General description

FIA Protocol native token will be first released on Binance Smart Chain to raise fund through Token sale.

FIA will later be transfer to its native blockchain FIA Protocol, the official transferring will be announced in the future

FIA Token

Token Roadmap

• Social Channels FIA
• Ended
Bounty Program
• Social Channels
• Ended
Claim Program
• FIA Platform
• Ended
Private Sale
• 50,000,000 FIA
• Ended
• 70,000,000 FIA
• Ended
Public Sale
• 80,000,000 FIA
• Ended
Listed & Open trade
• Crypto Exchange
• January 5th, 6:00 UTC
Further Listing
• Crypto Exchange
• From January 8th


Frequency Asked Questions

  • How do I get FIA tokens?

    You can get FIA tokens in two ways. Firstly, you can participate in the Airdrop and bounty program to receive a certain amount of FIA. The second way, you can buy FIA tokens in the Private sale, Presale and Public sale for the global community.

  • Will FIA be listed on any exchange and when?

    Yes, we have plans to list FIA on multiple exchanges and platforms. You can check out our roadmap for further information. So rest assured, FIA will definitely be listed on Decentralized Exchange after the token sale finish.

  • Why don’t FIA issue native coin on FIA Blockchain?

    Since FIA Protocol blockchain hasn’t officially launched, we cannot issue coins on the blockchain just yet. For that we are conducting our token sale on Binance Smart Chain first then later will assist swap BSC FIA token into FIA coin.

  • When will FIA launch its testnet and mainnet?

    FIA Blockchain is still in the process of development, but the prospect is very large since our technology has been tested and works efficiently. FIA mainnet will be launched in Q3 2022, and the mainnet launch will be announced afterward.

  • Can I mine FIA?

    For FIA Chain, the transaction confirmation, new block creation is in charge of the Validators. These Validators can be individuals or organizations and they will be rewarded with transaction fees. So it's not possible to mine FIA when the mainnet is released, but there are ways to get FIA coin.

Our brain

Awesome Team

Alex Calic
Financial Director
Ben David
Marketing Director
Marc Morley
Alex Trey

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